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Equine Inspired Experiences for Individuals and Organizations

As the world began to open up in 2021, Leeanne Gardner saw the opportunity to create a safe space for people to experience how to connect more authentically through being around horses. She had applied some of the lessons she learned through her lifelong love affair with horses and detailed them in her best selling book, Unbridle It! Buck Up and Create Your Happy!, which launched in February of 2021. Through her events and programs, including the popular networking/connection experiences, Women & Whinnies and Unbridled Connections, Leeanne has helped people understand the impact of their energy.  Participants  learn how their energy effects their relationships, personal and professional as well as the world around them.  Her underlying purpose is always to help people to gain a more profound appreciation for horses.

Unbridled Pathways, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization,was created as a way to take this work a step further and positively impact more groups of people, from kids to great grandparents.  It’s time to bring authentic connection back, before AI takes over.

Our Purpose 

Our purpose is to help people experience authentic connection in a disconnected world.

Our Mission 

Unbridled Pathways creates and facilitates Equine Inspired Experiences for Individuals and Organizations (EIEIO). These experiences cultivate authentic connections with no judgment, resulting in stronger relationships, sense of being and healthier communities.

We’ve all heard “it takes a village”, and in collaboration with other charity organizations and ranches, a village is what we are creating. If you would like to contribute to our mission or are interested in being part of movement please reach out.

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